It is the perfect solution for mounting tables in the cockpit, both for manufacturers as well as for boating enthusiasts. The cockpit table frame is brilliant, it gives you a great freedom of movement. It is perfect to set up after a day of sailing and have a few drinks with your favorite mates!
The frame is made of anodized aluminium. Bolts, nuts and screws are made of stainless steel, grade A4.

The mounting plate is easy to fit in the cockpit. An extra mounting plate allows you to use your table in other places, for instance in the cabin. It is easy to stow away the table when not in use.



Twist, spin, fold - yes, the Lagun table is adaptable to any situation. You can always have the table installed without getting in the way. It has no legs - so you will have plenty of room for your own. The mounting plate is very easy to install and placed on suitable location in the cockpit. If you buy extra mounting plats you can use the table on multiple locations in the boat, for example in the ruff. When you do not use the table you can easily put it away. Foldable so it takes up a very limited space.

For more information, please download our catalogue as a PDF.


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