Winter store your boat

1. Storage Location

Regardless whether you place your boat on stands, in a cradle or on a trailer, choose a place which is level and protected from the wind. Also make sure that this is not an area where water gathers, nor that it is an area with a lot of vegetation which attracts mice and other vermin.

2. Stands and cradles

If you are keeping your boat at a marina, check what rules apply regarding stands and cradles. Make sure that there is no or little weight on thestanchions. Consult the manual from the manufacturer of the stanchions for the best possible result.

3. Frame

Choose a frame which is light but of highest quality which will not harm neither boat nor tarpaulin, preferably a NOA covering frame. Make sure you buy a frame that suits your needs. If, for example, you are going to refurbish your boat, we suggest you take a closer look at our boat houses.

4. Tarpaulin

Choose a good quality tarpaulin which can withstand the elements such as snow, ice, sun and strong winds. Moisture will always rise from the ground and stick to the inside of the tarpaulin. It is therefore important to have good ventilation, both in the fore and aft.

5. Check the tarpaulin

After everything is in place, make sure that there are no holes or ruptures in the tarpaulin where water can leak through. Make sure that there is enough ventilation.

6. Visit

Always visit your boat after storms and severe rains. Your frame may be intact but somebody else’s might have harmed yours.

Frame System Guide

Download the guide as PDF here.

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