NOA Aluminium - About us

NOA Aluminium was founded in 1985 and is focused in producing boat accessories in aluminum, for its easy installation without damaging the boat. Since the company was created it has focused on simplicity and sustainability. Our biggest and most appreciated product is our scaffolding for motor- and sailboats which you often will find during wintertime for its long-lasting protection.

During the years our range of products has evolved and today we are offering several flexible accessories to both boats, motorhomes and caravans. Among this we have holders for solar panels and ankers, flexible hooks and movable- and folding tables.

We own several brands today included, NOA, Lagun and Pivotion which are well-known amongst boat-, motorhomes- and caravan owners in many countries.

Since fall 2015 Kungsprofiler AB also is also included in NOA. The company manufactures and sells grills for ventilation among others. The grills are made in aluminum and timber and sells to companies within construction and architects.

NOA has since 2005 been owned by the company group Lotorp.

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